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Erik Urskov

CEO, Partner

Erik Urskov



Erik Urskov - CEO and Partner

Erik is the founder of Copenhagen Corporate Finance. Has extensive executive experience in business management (P/L) in Denmark and internationally, strategic business development, financial management and corporate finance.

Is a business-oriented strategist with strong execution skills, with a focus on the customers and optimization of the companies' financial structure, earnings, costs, and processes.

Master in Law and B.B.A. Accounting & Finance

2014 – 2015    Director, Catella Corporate Finance
2012 – 2014    CEO, Kalvebod Ejendomme III
2009 – 2012    Executive Vice President - Market strategy, Nykredit Bank and Realkredit
2002 – 2009    Executive Vice President - International, Nykredit Bank and Realkredit
1998 – 2002    Executive Vice President - Commercial Customers, Nykredit Bank and Realkredit

Henrik F. Stoltenberg


Henrik F. Stoltenberg



Henrik F. Stoltenberg - Partner

Henrik is Partner in Copenhagen Corporate Finance. He has an extensive cross-industry C-level and board experience from previous positions within trade, service, development, manufacturing, and financing nationally as well as internationally.

Henrik has acquired an analytical and strategical approach with a persistently results-oriented execution through the numerous realized M&A, business development, change management, restructuring and revitalizing of business. Hence, Henrik has the ideal profile sees the value creation and understand the needs of the client.  

Graduate diploma in financial accounting (HD-R)

2016 2017    CIO, Nordic Solar Energy
2009 2015    Vice President M&A and Business Development, Q-Free 
2006 2009    Group Executive VP & COO, JAI  
2005  2005    CFO, Gerhardt International (RotoMetrics)
2002  2005    CEO, MagasinKort
2001  2002    CFO, Expert Danmark
1999  2001    CFO, Merkantildata, Ballerup and Aarhus (Atea)
 1999    Vice President & CFO, Bruhn (Canon Danmark)

Frank Fryd Petersen


Frank Fryd Petersen



Frank Fryd Petersen - Director

Frank is Director at Copenhagen Corporate Finance. Frank Fryd Petersen has a broad professional experience from the financial sector and created strong results and successfully optimized and developed business areas / companies. Frank has worked with all types of clients from the largest financial clients to retail clients - both in sales, customer service and product development.

Frank comes from a position as Deputy-CEO at Fondsmæglerselskabet Investering og Tryghed and has previously held senior positions including Senior Vice President and Head of Private Portfolio at Nykredit, Senior Vice President at Danske Capital/Danske Bank and BG Bank.

2021 - 2022 Consultant, Fondsmæglerselskabet Petersen & Partners
2013 - 2021 Deputy-CEO, Fondsmæglerselskabet Investering og Tryghed 
2006 - 2013 Senior Vice President, Nykredit - Private Portfolio
2003 - 2006 Senior Vice President, Nykredit Portefølje Bank
2001 - 2003 Senior Vice President, Danske Bank - Danske Capital
1998 - 2000 Senior Vice President, BG Bank - BG Markets

Frederik Friis Petersen


Frederik Friis Petersen



Frederik Friis Petersen - Analyst

Frederik is an Analyst at Copenhagen Corporate Finance where he assists with analyses, presentations etc. Besides working at Copenhagen Corporate Finance, Frederik studies at Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

Frederik has a strong interest in corporate finance and has acquired great theoretical knowledge within this field during his time at CBS. He became part of the team in January 2022.


2019  2021    Student Assistant, Nordea