Advisory focused on enterprise development and its ownership structure

Contributing to the growth of successful SMEs


Karin Horn Nielsen - New Director

Karin Horn Nielsen - Director in Copenhagen Corporate Finance

It is with gr…

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Sale of investment property

Attractive investment property in Aalborg sold

Copenhagen Corporate Financ…

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AidanN - positive return each year

HC Andersen Capital interviews Nicolai Winding, CEO of AidanN, about the ma…

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Copenhagen Corporate Finance

Copenhagen Corporate Finance provides advisory services on acquisitions, raising capital, strategic growth and restructuring with a particular focus on the SME segment

The right team will deliver added value for customers, the company, owners and investors by executing the company's strategic ambitions. We strive to provide advice on how the company's capital structure and finances can support the long-term value creation.

We offer advice on the purchase and sale of businesses by organizing a structured and well-documented sales process.

In close interaction with the company, we focus our advice on raising capital in the form of equity and debt financing as well as contact to private investors, private equity funds, and financial institutions.

In Copenhagen Corporate Finance we focus on providing professional and holistic advice and entering a long-term cooperation with the company and its owners.