28. September 2023

Copenhagen Corporate Finance assists Linconomy as financial advisor

Copenhagen Corporate Finance plays a central role as a financial advisor to Linconomy in their efforts to realize their strategic vision of establishing the next generation Digital Wealth Manager while securing capital for their growth through capital raising.

As part of this development, Linconomy has established a unique financial platform where they aggregate all relevant financial data for their clients from various sources, including free funds, pension savings, securities, alternative investments, real estate, mortgages, and other loans.

This provides clients with a comprehensive overview of their wealth, risk level, and, importantly, costs. Clients can access this information 24/7 through online platforms or their mobile devices. Utilizing this platform, Linconomy aims to offer clients independent advisory services at a highly competitive price point.

The competitive pricing is made possible because Linconomy is working diligently to create a full-fledged FinTech Wealth Manager, where they have automated many manual processes.

Linconomy is seeking a co-investor. Please contact Copenhagen Corporate Finance for further information.